What is a Figpin?

A Figpin is a limited edition pin based on a pop culture character. They are available in 3 sizes. A Mini (2 inch / 5cm), a regular version (3 inch / 8 cm) and an XL version (6 inch / 15cm). Because of the display case they come in, you can display Figpins well and they are also immediately protected. The pins have either a soft case or a premium hard case. Just like Funko, Figpin also has its own app where you can register your Figpins. The value of a Figpin is not shown as PPG but with a Figpin "power" in combination with the rarity.

The power is made up of several factors:
  • factory score; this is determined by the edition, amount of print runs and which number the pin is within the print run.
  • Story score; the faster a pin is unlocked, the higher the score. (early adopter)
  • Whether the pin is still being sold or whether the pin has already been retired.
  • The rarity of the Pin.
  • What other Figpin users think of your Pin.

Figpins are not yet officially sold in Europe at the time of writing. For that reason, all Figpins that we offer come from purchased private collections. Chances are that the Figpin is already unlocked. Of course they have all been released so you can simply add them to your Figpin account. We will of course state the status of the Figpin in the product description.

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