Funko-Pop! Vinyl

Funko's Pop! Vinyls are plastic (action) figures with large heads, disproportionately small bodies and large, round black eyes. They are similar in style to the Japanese Chibi style.

The figures are available in the most diverse characters of the well-known licenses such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and many other well-known and lesser-known franchises. You could almost say that you can't think of it that crazy or there is a Pop! from.

Funko Hikari

Hikari, light in Japanese, is a line from Funko based on the Japane Sofibu figures in which the characters are often made in bright or psychedelic colors. Each Hikari has a limited edition. The edition numbers are extremely limited. At the bottom of the box you will find a number card and you can see which number the Hikari has.

In 2018, Funko stopped producing Hikari's because they weren't popular. Now years later they are a lot more popular and some are worth a nice amount.

funko soda

Funko Sodas look like a soft drink can with a nice print. However, if you take the top off, the surprise is that there is a vinyl-soda figure inside. Sodas are released in limited editions. Nowadays Funko has a North American and an international edition, each with its own edition. The circulation numbers of both editions do not have to be the same.

Similar to the Funko Pop! the Soda also has a Chase variant.
Within the edition you have a 1 in 6 chance that you will receive a so-called Chase variant. The Chase variant is a special version in, for example, metallic, glow in the dark or black light.

Our Sodas come from private collections which means that they are usually already opened. Read the product description for more information.

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